Heath - Safety - Environment - Quality


Zero Harm – Health & Safety

Safety is integral to any aspects of a project and in this case no different – it will be an integral part of the design, through to construction and commissioning, to ongoing maintenance, support and operations. The Zero Harm culture is fundamental to our approach and will be fostered throughout the project team.

The project team will support the project by including a Safety Auditor’s role which will involve engagement with personnel in the work forums listed as well as carrying out their specific role through the auditing processes. While we manage safety through this role, every member of the project team is responsible for safety aspects. We encourage a proactive culture rather than policing safety – with our “Take Five” program and an emphasis on keeping OHSE at the forefront of every action.

A member of the project team will also have responsibility for safety audits at various stages of the project. This is to provide as much of an emphasis as possible in designing out any concerns at the front end of the process rather than deal with rectification works once construction has been completed. The Safety Auditor will co-ordinate the activities of the nominated Audit Team and these audits

The Site Manager will maintain a register of identified OH&S risks and completed JSAs and high risk and site specific hazards, which will be used for all sub-contractor engagement to assist in preparation of their quotes, and JSAs.

Environmental Management

The Project Manager will maintain (on site) a register of potential environmental impacts and issues, any incidents will be reported to Palerang Council and authorities and a register of any incidents and actions implemented.

Our risk assessment takes into consideration the immediate environment as well as the context – how the project might impact the ecosystems downstream due to sedimentation, whether actions will disturb migratory birds and what to do if a technician comes across any native fauna or Aboriginal artefacts.

Quality Assurance System

The Quality Assurance System provides a structure, including processes and documentation, which enables the delivery of our projects/services to be controlled and managed to consistently meet the customer/contract requirements.

The system is designed to guide you with our standard approaches in;

  • Identifying the areas and assessing the associated level of risk of our projects/services not conforming with the specified requirements
    Developing processes, generally documented as plans and procedures, to manage the risks
  • Implementing the plans and procedures.
  • Monitoring and improving the implementation of plans and procedures

This system is applicable both for Projects and Services with key emphasis on;

  • Project/Job Planning and Preparation for QA
  • Incoming Goods Control
  • In-process Work Control
  • Final Inspection and Handover
  • Non-conformance and Corrective Action
  • Document and Record Control