Project Controls


Project Controls

ASME Projects provide a complete project service, from conception through to completion. Our expertise across both small and large scale projects ensures that both the project scope and deliverables are understood and implemented to suit each client’s requirements.

Our highly skilled resources, coupled with our industry experience, means that we can dove tail seamlessly into our clients projects, allowing Project Managers to keep their projects running continuously, and without any major impacts on timelines.

Our Project Services Include:

  • Scope definition
  • Project Planning
  • Project budgeting and scheduling
  • Contract and procurement
  • Risk Management
  • Quality assurance and controls

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Project Management

Project Management

ASME Projects can provide onsite construction management as part of our project service solution. We can undertake specific construction management tasks, such as civil work, and mechanical erection and installation.

Being well versed in all project service solutions, we will work with you to develop a construction management process, making sure that your project is being built on a strong foundation.

We will also develop a safety management plan for you, making sure that your project meets both your businesses requirements, along with Government legislation.

With ASME Projects, your construction management is in reliable hands. We have a built a strong reputation for being project service specialists, and we would embrace the opportunity to discuss your construction management requirements.


Servicing Industries


ASME Projects Services Multiple Industries

ASME Projects have long been the servicing partner across multiple industries and able to provide expert solutions to each and every vertical, providing robust technical expertise and teams to tackle the largest projects.

Industries We Service

  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Water

hot tapping & stoppling

What Is Hot Tapping And Stoppling?

Hot tapping is the technique used to attach a branch connection to a pipe while the system is in service, and then creating an opening in that pipe by drilling or cutting. While hot taps are most often done in piping system, they may also be done on pressure vessels and storage tanks to add nozzles. Hot tapping permit adding connections without depressurization or disruption of process operations. They may also be used to make piping connections where it would be inconvenient to prepare the system for hot work. Hot tapping is also used to isolate pipe sections for maintenance by plugging or stoppling the line.

Hot tapping is an inherently dangerous operation. Therefore, hot tapping should generally be used only when it is impractical to take the system out of service. When specifying hot tapping, care is required in inspection, design, and testing to ensure that this operation is done in a safe and reliable manner. Therefore, a hot tapping should be considered only after other options are evaluated and rejected. Each hot tapping should be properly designed, the hot tapping location thoroughly inspected, and the installation procedures reviewed.

Our impartial agreement with one of the biggest hot tapping companies in the world allows us to successfully undertake any pipe size hot tapping.

Why ASME Projects Is The Best Choice For Hot Tapping And Stoppling?

  • Our turnkey solution offers you many advantages:
  • Optimal cost control
  • Complete project & sub-contractors management
  • Freed-up resources
  • Optimal turnaround time
  • Single focal point
  • One billing address
  • Reduced responsibility



ASME Projects also provide fabrication work, which can be undertaken either in-house, or via our third party alliance network. SMP stands for Structural, Mechanical and Piping. Our Brisbane workshop is 350 square metres, and boasts 10+ welding bays, which can be utilised for small to medium fabrication projects. Along with this, we also have a dedicated workshop in Dalby, which is larger in scale, and conveniently located near the Surat Basin. No matter what type of fabrication project you have in mind, ASME Projects has the expertise to bring your endeavour to successful completion.


ASME Projects provides Structural, Mechanical and Piping (SMP) construction and installation.  Work can be carried out onsite to enable the project outcomes to be meet within your standards and specifications.

With a range of projects underway at any given time, we have the capacity to ensure all onsite construction is carried out to exacting standards of delivery.




ASME Projects is able to undertake both workshop and onsite coded welding.  A coded welder is someone who has completed a Welder Approval Test in a specific welding configuration. This is then examined by an approved test examiner to see if the welder is capable of doing the job. If the welder passes, he/she is then considered to be Coded to that specification. 

ASME Projects provides coded welding to suit your needs and specifications of the project.


WPS/PQR Development & Qualification

Welding Procedure Specification’s (WPS) and are a written instruction for welders to follow and are backed up with a Procedure Qualification Record (PQR). A PQR is a record of a test weld performed and tested (more rigorously) to ensure that the procedure will produce a good weld.

This ensures sound welds are produced efficiently and consistently.ASME Projects has a an extensive range of welding processes for most materials including carbon steels, stainless steels, chrome molybdenum, and duplex & super-duplex. We provide WPS’s for most welding consumables. As trusted industry leaders, all of our WPS’s have been witnessed and reviewed by a senior welding inspector.We also retain all test reports and qualification records so that we can resupply to you at anytime in the future.

ASME Projects has an extensive library of welding procedures, and we can provide these to you as quickly as you require. It is our goal to ensure your project stays on track, and our team are committed to achieving project outcomes.


Why Is A WPS Important?

A welding procedure specification (WPS) is a critical part of achieving a quality welding outcome. An impractical welding procedure can greatly hinder your project, and lead to unstable and volatile conditions.

Why is ASME the smart choice for WPS Development?

  • Based on our extensive experience with WPS’s, we know what works.
  • Reduce your overall welding costs by increasing welding process efficiency.
  • Refine your welding procedures & processes, increasing overall output performance.
  • ASME can undertake these off site, which increase overall productivity.
  • We have experience making sure your project is compliant throughout the entire process.
  • Risk averse, we understand how to manage complete projects, and their associated risks.